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On Scene Forensics is a training services provider for forensic scientists in different fields of forensic science. The main goal of On Scene Forensics is to meet the training requirements of law enforcement personnel, crime scene investigators, firearm and tool mark examiners, and latent fingerprint experts.

On Scene Forensics imparts training and conducts courses registered with international certification bodies. We develop courses with credit hours approved for initial international certification or recertification examination.

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On Scene Forensic is a professional forensic science training organization run by IAI-certified CSIs Mr. Mudassar Naseer and Haris Ahmed Noor. Both are seasoned forensic scientists with a cumulative experience of more than 20 years in crime scene investigation.

They have conducted dozens of training sessions for UNODC, Police officials, lawyers, counter-terrorism department officials, and armed forces officials. Both the team members got international and national training including bloodstain pattern analysis, fire and arson scene examination, geographic profiling analysis, and shooting scene examination.

To date, both scientists have processed more than 2000 crime scenes. Both scientists have vast experience in dealing with crime scenes of different types including homicides, sexual assaults, bomb scenes, fire and arson scenes, and robberies and theft.