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On Scene Forensics has a professional team with experience in internationally accredited labs. The experts have participated in developing quality manuals and standard operating procedures. We at on-scene forensics can help you in reviewing and solidifying your case. Contact us if you have issues in any of the disciplines
• Fingerprints
• Crime scene investigation
• Firearms and Toolmarks
• Fire arson examination
• Bloodstain pattern analysis

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Global Forensic Science Training

On Scene Forensics is a global forensic science training resource where trainers impart training sharing their versatile long experience with forensic scientists, newcomers, and those who require recognition in the field of forensic science. We provide online and class-based courses for forensic scientists, law enforcement personnel, solicitors, students of forensic science, forensic medicine experts and forensic science students. Trainees from all over the world can learn and attain credit hours for further certification examinations.